Europe: iGambling’s New Horizon with Slot Joker123

Slot Joker123

“Europe is now achieving what North American gambling interests have only dared to dream about”

The goings on in Europe have made the news a lot over the past few years, and for good reason. Make no mistake: Europeans are unifying their economies and their currencies for very pragmatic reasons not the least of which is to enable themselves to directly challenge American economic supremacy.


The effect on gambling in general, and Internet gambling in particular, of European economic unification is going to be enormous. This will of course be partially due to the widely anticipated economic prosperity that a unified European economy will enjoy but there are broader, deeper forces at work. At the heart of the issue is the fact that North Americans and Europeans have a fundamentally different attitude toward the whole gambling question.


North Americans tend to think of gambling as a sin, albeit a popular one, or at best an immoral vice. Witness the unending and rather zealous efforts of American politicians like Republicans Bob Goodlatte and Jim Leach to save us from ourselves, however quick they may be with rhetoric on “the war on terrorism” and other bugbears of our time. The point is that there is a large community of Americans trying very hard to tell their fellow North Americans that they can’t gamble. Europeans have no such hang-ups.


In fact in Europe gambling is just another recreational activity. It’s Slot Joker123 fun, exotic, even sexy depending on where you go and how you play. One thing it most certainly isn’t is a sin. Try suggesting that to a European and they’ll smile ever so slightly and excuse themselves from the conversation.


In many ways Europe is now achieving what North American gambling interests have only dared to dream about: close ties between brick and mortar gambling and the Internet casinos. If you ask your average American or Canadian Internet gambler how they’d feel about being able to play at Harrah’s or The MGM Grand on the Web you’d better bring a tissue because it’s going to bring a wistful tear to their eye.


Europeans on the other hand are already doing it. William Hill for instance is a major UK gambling and sports-betting interest — over 40 betting shops in London alone — and their Internet casino is already well established. Others, like bookie-chain Ladbrokes are following suit and there is strong evidence that this trend will continue with other major European gambling brands going unabashedly online.


Recognizing the huge upside potential of the Internet, Europe is moving forward with its licensing and regulation efforts. The Isle of Man for instance recently extended its licensing jurisdiction to include the Internet and began issuing licences. American gambling interests took immediate notice and MGM was one of the first in line.


Even European governments are looking toward the Internet: leading Internet gambling software companies have been commissioned to provide several governments with software that will run as their official, state-operated Internet casino.


And last but far from least in the European gambling initiative is the Internet itself. Leading EU members such as Germany, France and the UK are investing billions in extending the telecommunications infrastructure to accommodate high-speed Internet access. Though these initiatives have bogged down recently for various technical and financial reasons the point can hardly be missed: Europe is serious about the Internet and Europe will become a very large, high-speed Internet community.


When one looks forward and combines these various elements — a population unfettered by moralistic anti-gambling lobbyists; gambling-friendly governments with established licensing and regulatory structures in place; widely available broadband access; and a new prosperity bought on by the unification of the European economies — it’s not hard to see that the Internet gambling initiative is now in European hands.




The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) released its model framework for states to use in designing regulations and made it clear it wants to see state governments take a proactive and rigorous approach to licensing and supervising “virtual currencies” businesses.


The Conference report said:


“…CSBS concluded that activities involving third-party control of virtual currency, including for the purposes of transmitting, exchanging, holding, or otherwise controlling virtual currency, should be subject to state licensure and supervision.”


Coin Center, a Washington based-advocacy group for digital currencies, voiced their objections, saying the conference started out with good intentions but didn’t follow through in this final report.


Peter Van Valkenburgh, Coin Center Director of Research, said:


“Unfortunately, we’ve strong concerns about the vagueness of the language they’ve chosen in this final draft: vagueness that could encumber plenty of innovative but non-custodial companies, whom CSBS likely never intended to be regulated at all.”



Coin Center has taken a balanced approach to regulation in the past, for example, working with and supporting California’s digital currencies regulations.


Van Valkenburgh added:


“We urge any state regulators who are encountering these issues to look for a clearer, more justiciable standard of ‘covered activities’…”


In their report, the bank supervisors call for an iron grip on companies, who must get a license and show state regulators the details of their business plan. Learn more about HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK COIN SHOP


In addition, Coin Center notes, the proposed framework covers too wide a scope and includes businesses that don’t directly hold a customer’s funds.


“Covered activities” in the report include: “Services that facilitate the third-party exchange, storage, and/or transmission of virtual currency (e.g. wallets, vaults, kiosks, merchant-acquirers, and payment processors.)”


The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Rainey Reitman is currently reviewing the proposal, but notes it is a throwback to a different age:


“At the end of the day, cryptocurrencies are distributed software projects that can be accessed from across the world. They shouldn’t be regulated like brick-and-mortar businesses that serve a specific locality or community.”



The Bank Supervisors justify their proposals by saying:


“Licensing and supervision serve as a mechanism for protecting consumers, ensuring system stability, safeguarding market development, and assisting law enforcement …”


The State Bank Supervisors can make recommendations in a model framework, and despite the fact that the organization carries some weight in the banking community, state governments are not required by law to adopt these proposals.




Highlights from the Global Interactive Online Casino Singapore Gaming Summit



Internet gambling news and gossip from the exhibition hall of the Royal York hotel, June 5 to 7, 2001.


Boss Media Goes Java


Swedish software provider Boss Media will debut play-for-cash Java games in the next month or two, according to Sales Manager Anders Berg. Continuing the Boss tradition of limited game choice, only roulette and blackjack will be available in the new Java suite, although more games are sure to follow. Boss’s showcase casino, Gold Club, will be first to offer the new no-download games.


To date all Boss Media casinos require a download, although the company has had play-for-fun Shockwave games for years.


Microgaming Opens Lines of Communication


Microgaming, widely recognized as the world’s largest and most successful online casino software company, used the Toronto summit as an opportunity to reach out to the i-gaming media. Tired of getting beaten up on message boards and portals, Microgaming courted influential industry journalists like Got2Bet’s Spearmaster with handshakes and party invites.


Microgaming’s previous lack of public responsiveness to player questions and concerns resulted in a heap of bad PR which clearly hurt them in the pocketbook. The new policy is an obvious, and welcome, effort to polish Microgaming’s public image and restore player trust and confidence in the software leader.


World Gaming Previews Version 3.1


World Gaming, formerly known as Starnet Communications, previewed their new Version 3.1 download package, which will be available July 31.


Despite their past legal woes, Starnet, oops, World Gaming, really does have an impressive gambling suite. For those looking to get into the biz, $300 grand and 25% of revenue gets you World Gaming’s download Online Casino Singapore casino, new 14-game Java casino, parimutuel wagering and a sportsbook. All modules work under one player account.


Account Exec Jodi Littlepage said that progressive slot machines are on the way.


New Kid on the Block


Playtech — not to be confused with Playtex — impressed conference-goers with their slick new casino software. Available as a download application, and in Shockwave and Java, industry-types seemed genuinely excited by the graphics and playability of the games. On top of that Playtech rep Shelly Tuchmintz boasted that “our backoffice is really amazing.”


Playtech’s first licensee, Club Dice Casino, opened in January this year followed by City Club Casino and Brandy Casino. Playtech’s games bear a striking resemblance to the Random Logic games that power the ubiquitous Casino-On-Net. Both companies deny any connection.


According to Tuchmintz, Playtech is “a Dutch company” with “R&D in Eastern Europe” and “a marketing office in Israel.”


Countdown to Las Vegas’ Cyber Debut


Nevada Gaming Commission chair Brian Sandoval made it clear that Nevada has not legalized internet gambling but merely passed “enabling legislation” that could allow internet gaming if it can be shown that Web casinos can be properly regulated to keep out minors, problem gamblers, and players from jurisdictions where the pastime is illegal. That said, most industry experts expect that we will see the first Nevada internet casinos in about 18 or 24 months. The most optimistic prognosticators say one year.


Short Takes: Former Starnet CEO Meldon Ellis made the rounds looking to drum up work as an “i-gaming consultant.” Pro Sports Trade will launch a real-money sports trading site modeled after stock trading sites at the end of July, in time for the NFL season. iGlobalMedia won friends by putting on the best cocktail party of the week, complete with blackjack tables and a live tiger. Pirates Poker by Omni Gaming will launch in September.



Expert: Mexico close to gambling OK and Trusted Online Casino Singapore

The government of Mexico, after decades of flirting with legalized gambling, appears poised to approve casino gaming at some point this year, a former U.S. ambassador to that country said Tuesday.


James Jones, co-chairman and chief executive of Washington, D.C.-based Manatt Jones Global Strategies, an international trade and government relations firm, told attendees of the American Gaming Summit that “there’s a 60 percent chance” the Mexican legislature will approve a bill legalizing casinos in its next session.


That legislature convenes March 15, and will meet through April 30. And if it passes, a licensing process could begin within four months, Jones said.

“I would say there’s a very good chance legal gaming will pass in Mexico,” Jones said. “It’s going to create a great deal of opportunities for a lot of people, both in this country and (in Mexico).”


Jones served as U.S. Ambassador to Mexico from 1993 to 1997. He served as White House Chief of Staff under President Lyndon Johnson, and served as a Congressman representing.


Jones has been hired by Sun International, Sol Kerzner’s Bahamas-based casino corporation, to keep tabs on the developing situation, and he met with Mexican officials as recently as last week. Other companies that appear interested in making a move in Mexico include MGM MIRAGE, Park Place Entertainment Corp. and Jack Binion’s Horseshoe Gaming, Jones said.


Jim Murren, president of MGM MIRAGE, responded that no one from the company “is actively pursuing anything in Mexico at this point.”


“There’s nothing to pursue,” Murren said.


However, if Jones’ prediction is true, “we’ll have to take a real hard look at it, no question,” Murren said. “But at this point, we are not focused on Mexico.”


Robert Stewart, spokesman for Park Place, declined to comment directly on the Mexico possibility.


“Clearly we’re going to carefully examine any international opportunity that presents itself, and make a (decision) based on whether we feel we’d be welcomed in that jurisdiction, and whether the conditions exist where we could operate properly and meet the standards we’re used to,” Stewart said.


Trusted Online Casino Singapore gambling was banned in Mexico in the 1930s, and there has been talk about repealing that ban for at least 20 years, Jones said. The government there examined the issue as recently as 1997, but nothing came of it.


For that reason, there is great skepticism in the gaming industry about whether an opportunity in Mexico will actually materialize.


“I would love to see (legalization in) Mexico,” said Larry Klatzkin, gaming analyst with Jeffries & Co. “There’s a phenomenal amount of money that could be made.”


But international expansion opportunities have a way of appearing and disappearing quite quickly, Klatzkin said — and that’s been especially true of Mexico.


“Even if it does happen, it never turns out like you think,” Klatzkin said.


The possibility of casino gaming in Mexico returned to the radar screen in 2000, when opposition candidate Vicente Fox made gaming a plank in his campaign platform. Fox was elected president in late 2000, and has since reiterated his support for regulated, legal casinos in that country. But it is Mexican legislators, not Fox, who are spearheading the current drive for legalization, Jones said.


There are still several key questions that be resolved before a bill can proceed in the Mexican legislature. One of the biggest is where casinos could be located — and how many licenses the Mexican government would be prepared to issue.


Some are pushing for casinos to be located only in designated resort cities or rural areas, while others want gambling legalized nationwide, with states given the option of opting out. Also unresolved is whether more than one casino could operate in each jurisdiction. So is the question of whether casinos would be permitted in Mexico’s urban centers, including Mexico City.


It also isn’t known how much of a role federal, state and local officials would play in the ultimate regulation of legal casinos.


“These are some questions that need to be worked out (before the bill moves),” Jones said. “The goal is to work through these issues and get this passed by the (legislature) by April 30.”


Possible casino sites often mentioned in Mexico typically fall into two categories — cities that border the United States, and Mexico’s resort cities. Border city possibilities usually mentioned include Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, while potential resort locations include Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.


Despite these unanswered questions, Jones is convinced the political climate exists to get a bill through the Mexican legislature.


One obvious reason, he said, is the drive by President Vicente Fox to generate additional tax revenues. Jones estimates legal casino gambling could generate $500 million a year in new taxes for that country.


But legalization and regulation would also allow Mexico to crack down on illegal gambling throughout that country, Jones said. An estimated 1,500 illegal betting parlors and casinos now operate in that country.


“It is really an attempt to regulate the entire gaming industry,” Jones said.


Despite a history of money laundering and corruption, Jones said the Mexican economic and political climate has been rapidly maturing since the North American Free Trade Agreement was approved in 1993. And he insists Mexico is committed to implementing a regulatory system that will be able to stack up to Nevada standards.


“The system they’re talking about today would stand up (to Nevada’s standards),” Jones said. “I don’t think they’ll move forward unless they can operate in an above-board way.



Jupiters jackpots to record $77.1m


JUPITERS yesterday beat market expectations with a 14.4 per cent lift in full-year earnings to $77.1 million, but it is targeting expansion offshore to fuel growth as Australia’s saturated casino and gaming sector wallows.


The company’s new managing director, Rob Hines, said he wanted at least 50 per cent of profit to come from non-casino operations within a decade under the diversification plan, and at least half that from abroad.

But this could prove a modest target considering Jupiters’ Alice Springs-based sports betting operation, Centrebet, last year doubled revenue to $18.4 million and trebled profit – 87 per cent of which was generated offshore.


Mr Hines was elated with the result and forecast another year of double-digit earnings growth, but warned investors the record June 2001 result was $10 million ahead of “theoretical win” level projections.


So was the previous year’s profit of $67.4 million. This means the company could well suffer a $20 million or 26 per cent profit dive next year if the odds go against the house to a similar extent.


“The underlying business will deliver double-digit earnings growth without us doing anything particularly exciting, based on a theoretical win rate,” Mr Hines said.


“I think investors should look at the theoretical even though we have been lucky and we’re paying a higher dividend then we would have.”


Nevertheless, the market applauded Jupiters’ good fortune and increased final fully franked dividend to 10c a share, driving the stock price as high as $4.46 before it settled to close 4c stronger at $4.36 on volume of 206,000.


In the absence of any real growth opportunities within Australia, Mr Hines said the company would use Centrebet and and Jupiters’ gaming software and networks solution business to “aggressively pursue” opportunities in Scandinavia, Europe and South America.


“I don’t believe that there is much more room for expansion in gaming Togel  in Australia,” Mr Hines said. “I think the market is fairly well saturated . . . so the gaming growth has got to come from offshore.”


AWA, which Mr Hines once headed and was taken over by Jupiters in January 2000, offered potential to leverage off 30 clients in 16 countries to drive profit growth from the gaming technology business.


Despite speculation about consolidation in the domestic casino market, Mr Hines said no proposals had crossed his desk which would enable Jupiters to “grow the pie” in Australia.


Jupiters’ founding shareholder structure and state legislation also precluded the prospect of a hostile takeover.



Mr Hines said the stunning result, struck on a 14 per cent lift in revenue to $771 million, was a tribute to his predecessor Richard Barnes who retired last month after 13 years at the helm.


Apart from the above average win rate, the result reflected inclusion of the Breakwater Island Trust’s revenue for the first time of $41.8 million, and AWA’s full-year contribution of $67.9 million.


Mr Hines said the food and beverage division had been particularly hard hit by the GST’s introduction, while high-roller commission business revenue had fallen almost 10 per cent due to a 30 per cent drop in “front money” in the face of “softening of world economies, especially Asia”.





Casino Keluaran Hk gambles on text messaging

Keluaran Hk

Staff are called in for extra shifts via text messaging

Behind the scenes at Melbourne’s Crown Casino there is a surprise in store.

At the heart of the Casino’s massive organisation is the humble text message.

The technology that started off as a favourite way for teenagers to organise dates has now graduated to become an indispensable corporate tool.

It is four in the afternoon and Tania Anticev has a problem – the Keluaran Hk Casino is getting busy and she needs to open another room of gaming tables.

But right now there are not the staff on duty to do it.

Instead of hitting the phones, Crown’s chief scheduler heads for her computer to type a global text message that will go out immediately to the mobile phones of all casual staff.

The first ones to ring in get the night’s job.

Running out of time

Lyla is one of Crown’s 400 casual and part time workers.

When her phone beeps during coffee at one of the south bank’s riverside cafes, Lyla knows she has to act fast.

Crown will fill all of the 20 or so shifts on offer in a matter of minutes.

It is a process that used to take Tania and the scheduling team hours.

“The main benefit is saving time from our end.

“We’d spend a lot of time trying to contact 2-400 people, ringing them individually.

“And when you’re working to tight deadlines you can sometimes run out of that time.”

Customer demand

In a busy month, Crown will send up to 10 SMS or text messages to its pool of casuals.

A text to all staff cost $55 to send

In a highly automated business, saving that amount of time adds up to big cost savings.

For the carriers, that is the key selling point of corporate SMS.

Telstra’s Chris Newlan markets it as a productivity tool.

“Wireless Data as a proportion of total Telstra Mobile revenue is increasing and is now around 8 or 9 percent of our total revenues and is increasing over time.

“That is largely being driven by SMS use by our corporate customers.”

Gains for wireless networks

Back at the Casino, the animatronic all-singing and dancing Christmas display is drawing in the crowds and it is time for Lyla to get to work.

The message that brought her in just one of the 400 million or so sent each month in Australia.

And if you think the House always wins – that text to Crown’s pool of casuals cost about $55 to send.

In this game, it is the wireless networks that are hitting the jackpot.


Beberapa Game Hebat Yang Akan Membantu Anda Melatih Otak Anda

slot online

Otak adalah otot, dan seperti semua otot, otak perlu dilatih secara teratur agar tetap berkinerja terbaik. Tapi tidak seperti pergi ke gym dan berolahraga di treadmill, melatih otak Anda sebenarnya bisa sangat menyenangkan.


Jika Anda setelah latihan otak, baca terus untuk menemukan beberapa permainan hebat yang akan membantu Anda melatih otak Anda.


Permainan judi online

Dari solitaire, togel online bahkan hingga rummy, tidak ada kekurangan permainan kartu yang menyenangkan untuk dimainkan. Meskipun ini mudah untuk duduk dan mulai bermain, dibutuhkan mata yang cerdas untuk menang, menjadikannya sempurna untuk beberapa latihan otak.


Coba tebak angka dan gunakan keberuntungan anda dalam fungsi utama memenangkan permainan togel online. Dalam permainan togel online, anda harus menggunakan insting dan mengutamakan keberuntungan anda untuk bisa menang dalam situs togel online.


Ambil poker, misalnya. Permainan kartu mengharuskan Anda untuk mengetahui kapan harus memukul, kapan harus menaikkan, dan mungkin yang paling penting kapan harus melipat juga. Ini mengharuskan Anda untuk meningkatkan keterampilan berpikir strategis dan logis Anda, serta membuat Anda menajamkan perhatian dan fokus Anda juga.


Jika Anda seorang pro poker, mengapa tidak mencoba sesuatu yang baru? Poker nanas terdengar mirip dengan Texas hold’em, tetapi sebenarnya mereka adalah dua permainan yang berbeda. Ini menawarkan sentuhan yang bagus pada versi klasik yang akan menantang bahkan hold’em pro yang paling terampil sekalipun.


Permainan konsentrasi

Seperti namanya, ini sangat cocok untuk meningkatkan tingkat konsentrasi Anda jika Anda kesulitan untuk fokus. Banyak dari Anda mungkin memainkan ini selama masa sekolah Anda — premisnya sederhana: letakkan kartu persegi menghadap ke bawah, dan setiap pemain mengambil dua kartu sekaligus dalam upaya untuk mencocokkannya.


Selain meningkatkan daya ingat, permainan konsentrasi juga menuntut setiap pemain untuk berkonsentrasi keras saat bukan giliran mereka juga. Melihat apa yang dicari pemain lain dan apa yang mereka hindari memberi Anda kesempatan untuk masuk dan mencocokkan pasangan sebelum orang lain melihatnya.


Jika Anda ingin membuatnya sedikit lebih sulit, hindari bentuk persegi dan pilih pola yang lebih berantakan. Ini menghilangkan titik referensi (misalnya sudut kanan atas, kartu tengah, dan sebagainya), sehingga lebih sulit untuk mengingat di mana setiap kartu berada.



Tidak ada daftar game pelatihan otak yang lengkap tanpa menyebutkan catur. Terkenal di seluruh dunia sebagai permainan papan yang menantang yang membutuhkan kesabaran yang dalam dan mata ilahi untuk masa depan agar tetap tiga langkah di depan lawan Anda, ini adalah pelatih otak pamungkas (dan orisinal).


Tujuan permainan ini sederhana: skakmat raja lawan Anda. Namun, permainan itu sendiri tidak sesederhana itu. Pasukan pion, benteng, ksatria, uskup, ratu, dan raja Anda masing-masing memiliki kemampuan bergerak yang berbeda. Akibatnya, ini mengharuskan Anda untuk melatih keterampilan dan logika dalam upaya menggunakan bidak Anda untuk mencapai tujuan Anda.


Selain meningkatkan kemampuan berpikir logis Anda, catur juga dikenal dapat meningkatkan daya ingat. Semakin banyak Anda bermain, semakin baik ingatan Anda tentang strategi dan taktik. Ini meluas ke bagian lain dari hidup Anda, membantu meningkatkan daya ingat di bagian lain dari hidup Anda juga.


Rekam video game mereka

Shoot ’em ups adalah subgenre video game klasik yang telah ada hampir selama konsol game. Dimulai dengan Space Invaders dan berlanjut hingga seri Call Of Duty yang sangat sukses, shoot ’em up akan selalu populer.


Bagi banyak orang, kesenangan menghancurkan pesawat luar angkasa alien adalah hal yang memikat. Tetapi penelitian menunjukkan bahwa shoot ’em up dapat meningkatkan kemampuan kognitif pada pemain, khususnya dengan membantu mereka memelihara kepekaan yang tinggi terhadap dunia di sekitar mereka.


Dalam sebuah penelitian, pemain yang bermain shoot ’em up mampu membuat keputusan 25% lebih cepat daripada mereka yang memainkan game lain yang lebih berbasis strategi. Manfaat kognitif dari shoot ’em up lebih diperparah dengan peningkatan koordinasi tangan-mata yang disediakan oleh permainan tersebut.


Shoot ’em ups hanyalah salah satu subgenre video game yang tersedia. Masih ada yang lain yang memberikan berbagai manfaat bagi otak, menunjukkan bahwa video game tidak hanya untuk kentang sofa.


Siapa bilang olahraga tidak bisa menyenangkan? Game seru di atas akan menantang otak Anda untuk tetap bekerja dengan baik. Beberapa permainan klasik lama, seperti poker atau catur, sementara yang lain sedikit lebih modern, seperti video game. Untuk mendapatkan atau memainkan games games tersebut anda dapat bermain di judi slot online palace303. Cobalah permainan di atas dan mulai rasakan manfaatnya untuk otak Anda.




Casino Fortune today announced the relaunch of its exciting and new no-download site – Flash Casino Fortune. Featuring 6 games, Flash Casino Fortune, with Playtech’s new advanced technology allows you to enjoy personalized online gaming without having to download the casino software.


Casino Fortune today announced the relaunch of its exciting and new no-download site – Flash Casino Fortune. Featuring 6 games, Flash Casino Fortune, with Playtech’s new advanced technology allows you to enjoy personalized online gaming without having to download the casino software. The flash casino loads games in less than 60 seconds, letting you experience the thrill of online gambling without leaving your browser. The Casino offers exceptional graphics with no download versions of Black Jack, Keno, Roulette, Caribbean Poker, Jacks or Better and Reels of Fortune.


Flash Casino Fortune provides instant fun and playability. It is simple to open a real or guest account. Just go to and begin playing now. Stay tuned for the addition of more Flash Games and upcoming exciting promotions.


– About Casino Fortune –

Casino Fortune is managed by Sunny Casinos. The company offers online gaming from the legal, secure jurisdiction of Antigua and has been in the business since 1996. Casino Fortune relaunched with Playtech’s software on 29th March 2002 and offers 48 fantastic games to choose from.     Casino Fortune’s mission is to provide its players with the finest online gaming experience. 6 years in the online casino business has equipped Ligaz888 Casino Fortune with the expertise to provide round the clock customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, player perks, big prizes and most of all fast payouts all in the best interest of its customers.


GoldenEye’s Golden Replayability Honored


Meriden, CT–March 30, 1998–Video Game Heaven ( recently announced its Top 10 Most Replayable Games Of All Time. At the top of the list is the all powerful GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64.


GoldenEye 007 is the hit title from Rare that seems to be as fun now as when it first came out.  The 1-player game never gets boring, and the death matches are a blast and keep us coming back time and time again.


The list, which contains titles from some of the top systems of all time (Super NES, NES, GameBoy, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo 64), can be found in the specials section of VGH. The specials section features a look at the best of the best in video gaming, including the Top 100 Games Of All Time.


About Video Game Heaven

In addition to taking the time to honor the gaming industry’s elite from time to time, VGH is updated at least once daily. This is the place to go for codes, reviews, news, and a lot more info from around the video game world. Perhaps the hottest feature is the Interactive section, which includes sixteen ways of interaction between the staff and readers, including Q&A;, rumors, a message board, daily polls, and much more. Video Game Heaven can be found at, and the constant updates (from one to four every day since its launch over two months ago) will keep the dedicated readers coming back.




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No Sbobet, You Can’t Be A Professional Poker Player


If I have to read one more article about some clown winning some chips and then declaring himself a “professional poker player,” I’m gonna go completely on tilt. I hear and read so much crap about this subject, I’ve just got to put my two cents worth in. My two cents worth is this: You aren’t a professional poker player and you never will be, and neither is anybody else, and nor will they ever be. Am I making myself clear? Do you feel me?

Professional poker players are about as ubiquitous on the American landscape as flying saucers, Big Foots, and verifiable Elvis sightings. The very idea of a professional poker player is some kind of fanciful notion by somebody who got on a roll and won some money, and then romanticized it into a deluded self-image of “professional poker player.” Half the Tom, Dick, and Harry’s in the world who get on a little run while the card gods are smiling on them take this as a sure indication that they are now professional gamblers. These are the guys that don’t have a job and can’t get one; that hang around poker rooms because hanging out on the street for a comparable number of hours is loitering; that come to the poker room every day because they have nothing else to do and nowhere to do it; that fancy themselves too much of a “sharpie” to waste any resources doing anything but watching the cards endlessly go by…etc, etc.

Get it out of your head that you are a professional gambler just because you won some chips. I can beat every self-professed professional poker player in the world heads-up with one hand tied behind my back and they know it, and I’ll give them half their money back just for trying me. That’s an open invitation. My only qualification is once I bust them, they have to sign a contract admitting that they aren’t really a professional gambler and they’re sorry they said they were. That’s all I ask. Because the next time I have to read some half-baked article about ‘what everybody thinks about me now that I’m “a professional player,”‘ I’m afraid I’m going to split my side laughing. There are people who think they’re Napoleon Bonaparte too – don’t forget – but we don’t take that at face value, do we? Well, don’t take these professional gamblers/railbirds/stake-horse hounds/”I spend my life in a poker room” jokers at face value either.

If some broad in a bar takes a picture of herself and then calls herself a “supermodel,” you aren’t going to buy that are you? Same difference. She’s not a supermodel any more than some jack-around with a bunch of chips in front of him is professional poker player. From these harsh judgments I exempt the following people (and few others): Cindy Crawford, Doyle Brunson, Cheryl Tiegs, Johnny Chan, Tyra Banks, T.J. Cloutier, Claudia Schiffer, Puggy Pearson, Twiggy, Chip Reese (once upon a time), Elle McPherson, Scotty Nguyen, Naomi Campbell, Phil Hellmuth, etc. Now THAT’S supermodels and professional Sbobet poker players. Maybe Kathy Kohlberg might be a crossover. They qualify. But you’re not in that kind of company just because you have some chips in front of you.

There may be a few other professionals out there – the Prince of Docness from out of Santa Cruz is making noises like he might be a player – but if you’re not on the preceding list, you might want to check with me to see if you qualify. I guarantee you the odds are way against it. I’ve got the whole list, and it isn’t nearly as long as some would have you think.

For all intents and purposes, forget about being a professional poker player. Chasing poker destiny across the continents has got to be one of the most preposterous “professions” ever heard of. You don’t have to go to school, you don’t have to be able to spell, there’s no salary and no benefits, god knows what the service these talented professionals are offering supposedly is…etc.

I’ve seen some gifted professionals. They work in operating rooms, laboratories, universities, even courtrooms – but not in some smoke-filled poker room trying to borrow some chips when the card gods aren’t smiling on them. The very aspiration to be a professional poker player is a dead giveaway that the suspect in question is undirected, lazy, and no-count. That’s why loitering in a poker room seems like a good idea to him. After all, you can only watch Jerry Springer and game shows so many hours a day. So being a poker scuffler looks like a good idea; that’ll cover some of those other hours when you’re also not doing anything. There’s your professional poker player in a nutshell. If you choose to delude yourself with notions of being a professional player, fine – but keep it to yourself. One too many jack-offs has tried to convince me of this B.S. Every time I hear the latest flash in the pan billing himself as a professional player, I can’t help but think about the girl with a polaroid of herself that thinks she’s a supermodel.

I’ll rest my case with humankind’s supreme illustration of this principle: Even Doc Holliday didn’t bill himself as a “professional gambler.” No, he was a shootout artist, and gambled on the side. Gambling should always be on the side, like Doc Holliday done it. If you put gambling first, it’s because you are too friggin’ degenerate to do anything else. So, using Doc Holliday as my example: first he practiced dentistry, second he shot people, and THIRD he gambled on the side. It’s more respectable that way. History gave him some bad knocks, but Val Kilmer came along (see “Tombstone”) and set the record straight.

Old Doc was a businessman poker player, just like we all should be. So if he helps some fair lady with a toothache in the morning, draws down on her husband in the afternoon, and then gambles all night – at least he’s done something worthwhile. One out of three ain’t bad. But if he just gambled all night, woke up at noon, borrowed some money, and then gambled all night again – like “professional poker players” always end up doing – he wouldn’t be such a great American hero. In other words his day work – dentistry and shootouts – justified his night gambling. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Consider that my final word on the matter.