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Trade Secret, Know-How, Confidential and Proprietary Translation Agencies UK Information

Translation Agencies UK

It is common to find one or the other of these terms, when it is not several at the same time, in the contracts in particular of distribution and collaboration. While each of these terms has a translation that seems well established, it appears on reflection that the underlying meaning evolves in practice and that it may be necessary to question this firmly established translation.

Consider four examples from practice:

1- In a professional risk insurance contract, we find the following definition: “Trade Secret means information, including a formula, compilation, pattern, program, device, method, process or technique that derives independent economic value, actual or potential , from not being generally known and not readily ascertainable through proper means by another person who can obtain economic advantage from its disclosure or use”.

The error, which was not made, would have been to translate “trade secret” by “commercial secret” which is a Canadianism, the dictionary proposing this translation justifying it as being an incorporeal asset consisting of the elements as listed below above that the company considers confidential. In French the word “secret” contains the notion of something hidden that its holder must not disclose and “commercial” is foreign to the above list except for its economic consequences.

In French, the traditional translation is “secret de fabrication ou de fabrication”, that is to say the manufacturing process offering a practical or commercial interest, implemented by an industrialist in a machine or mechanism and kept hidden from his competitors, which is protected from disclosure by factory personnel. As such, the notion appears originally, in the Labor Code and now in the Intellectual Property Code which devotes a title to the protection of technical knowledge and, in this, a chapter on “trade secrets “.

If the code provides for a penal sanction against the employee who reveals the secret to the outside, the French courts have been responsible for building over the years a whole jurisprudential construction which sheds light on the various components of the aforementioned definition. One may wonder if the translation by “trade secret” is not a little narrow with regard to the interests that one intends to protect.

It should be noted that the definition proposed by the English text includes as the first element the “information … that derives independent economic value … from not being generally known … through proper means …” which the translator has translated by the term “confidential information” although the classic term “confidential information” is not expressly indicated. This brings us to the next observation.

2- In a framework contract for the provision of Translation Agencies UK  services, there is an article entitled: “Confidentiality”:

The Parties acknowledge that performance of their respective rights and obligations under this Agreement may involve them having access to information which is confidential to the other Party (“Confidential Information”).

The Parties agree …: (a) to keep confidential all Confidential Information …; (b) not to challenge the validity of any proprietary rights attaching to any Confidential Information …; »

The translator has correctly translated “confidential information” as “confidential information” that the party receiving it undertakes to keep confidential, that is to say secret. By this clause, the parties intend to protect themselves against their disclosure and we find ourselves within the framework of the trade secret. The scope of this obligation of confidentiality is generally the broadest possible but it can be subject to clarification as in the following example.

3- In a research contract, the article entitled “Confidentiality” stipulates: “the Parties shall keep confidential and not disclose to others, all information about this Agreement, and all data and conclusions from the Research Project. … For the purposes of this Agreement “Confidential Information” means all information of a confidential nature disclosed (whether in writing, orally or by any other means) by the Parties during the term of this Agreement including, and without limitation, any information relating to the University’s Background Intellectual Property and its operations, processes, business, dealings, transactions and affairs or those of any member of the University”.

4- Finally, in a collaboration agreement, we can read under the title: “Proprietary/confidential information: The provisions of this clause shall apply between the Parties with respect to all information which passes between the Parties. For the purposes of this agreement such information shall be referred to as proprietary information”.

The stipulation, explained in this paragraph, is still very general but its interest for the translator lies in the use of the term “proprietary information” first coupled with “confidential” in the title then used exclusively thereafter. Why use this term generally translated as “proprietary information” or “private information”? In fact, this term comes from the American Trade secret law which provides for this information a protectable right (protectable interest).

Although this is not the case in the examples quoted, we frequently find the term “know-how” which has been officially translated in France as “savoir-faire”. By this is meant labor-intensive processes or tricks developed by one manufacturer and ignored by others, kept secret and producing economic effects. In a 1996 regulation, the European Commission created “licensing agreements on technical information not protected by patents (for example, descriptions of manufacturing processes, recipes, formulas, models or drawings), commonly called “knowledge– To do” “. These are know-how license agreements. This same regulation defines “know-how” as being “a set of technical information which is secret, substantial and identified in any appropriate way”, these last three terms being, below, precisely defined. It can be seen that they largely cover the elements constituting the “trade secret” or trade secret!

One can therefore wonder if it would not be appropriate to translate “trade secret” by “know-how” in the broad sense as suggested to me by a colleague in the translation of example 1? The idea is interesting but it comes up against the fact that the French Economic and Financial Terminology Commission adopted in 1990 the word “savoir-faire” to translate “know-how”. According to this colleague, the concept of know-how encompasses that of a trade secret. I would add that it also encompasses the notion of confidential information within the meaning of the European directive.

All these notions are closely linked and include common elements, in particular secrecy. However, their use is not indifferent because it is necessary to take into account a psychological observation which is the following: in the mind of the lawyer, reader of this kind of translation, each word triggers chain reactions which lead him to operate deductions that must quickly lead to a conclusion. If the starting word is inappropriate, for example if it reads “know-how” instead of “trade secret”, he will quickly draw conclusions which may prove to be unsuitable until he has re-established the intention of the original drafter. Therefore, in my opinion,




Flic House

When you have two choices, you have a decision.  When you have three of four choices, you have a quandary.  When you have 200 choices every hour of the day – and at least 50 of them are things you want to do or people you want to see?  That’s pandemonium.  And that’s the recent nature of South by Southwest, which these days has become part CES for startups, part Coachella for indie bands, part “spring break for geeks” (a frequent nickname in the press), and 100 percent ridiculous congestion.  It “jumped the shark” at least two years ago, and now it’s jumping SeaWorld.


Into this mess, which not that long ago was a tiny regional show, have cascaded the hopes and dreams of not only thousands of indie bands, garage filmmakers and “lean” startups alike, but every major car company, most packaged goods makers, and a remarkable array of the world’s top advertisers – all convinced they can somehow hijack the Titanic.


I’ve been going since 1996, when there were about 400 bands instead of 4,000, and the tech portion – then dubbed “SXSW Multimedia” – was largely populated by Austin Web developers, not prominent VCs and a who’s who of the tech and media worlds.  Google your favorite brand and “SXSW” and odds are you’ll find they were out in Austin, desperately seeking attention in the flood (and I’m not referring to the thunderstorms that always seems to dampen this show, then turn to sunny and 80 just as everyone leaves).  This is a show with 300,000 attendees (including non-official events), stuffed like an overfed goose into a downtown area with only 6,000 hotel rooms and 600 cabs.


Need something normal like a lift from the airport?  Uber was overrun, and the traditional taxi line (if you can call Waiting for Godot a line) ran three to four hours on Friday and Saturday nights.   Speakers, staff, sponsors and other VIPs quickly gobbled those 6,000 rooms at rates approaching $1,000 a night (the Hampton Inn ran $800 a night) – as well as pushed the price of sub-$100 hotel rooms 20 miles away in the $400 range.  AirBnB?  They set a record with 10,000 rooms booked – and Austin’s response was to outlaw short-term rentals on January 1, perhaps the most violated law in the history of Texas not involving consensual sex or marijuana. More about Flic House


Every day from the moment you crawl out of your bed that cost five times what it should, until the last person you track down at 3 am in a crowded hotel lobby on Foursqure, Twitter, Highlight or GonnaBe (and now there’s even the added distraction for those so inclined of an SXSW version of the instant hook-up app, Bang With Friends).  So, yes, some brands might consider this a great place to do sampling among the digirati and their “I’m with the band” friends.  And it’s certainly been an amazing place to do high-level randomized networking (ooh, isn’t that Al Gore at the bar?  Is that Timothy Berners-Lee he’s chatting with?  Perhaps now we can find out who really invented the Internet!).  But if any individual brand manager thinks he or she is going to get a significant share of attention – something, by the way, that is still possible for a well-planned, well-executed launch at CES or Mobile World Congress – they should take a sharper look at their analytics (once you wade past the first million tweets).


We, by way of both example and disclosure, run media showcase events called Startup Debut for startups at CES, CTIA, NAB, E3 and SXSW.  At most shows, including the unruly CES giant, we typically bake in a no-show rate of 30 percent.  Despite being the only traditional media showcase format at SXSW, we have to bake in no-show rates of 60 percent or more.  And that’s far better than most events: hold a free, non-VIP event and you can bank on no-shows of more than 90 percent.  There’s even a service that was developed called RSVPster that charges $30-50 per person to automatically rsvp one into all discoverable open events at SXSW – a sign in itself how out of control the show has become that one can make a business out of signing one up for free parties.


SXSW has outgrown its usefulness as the world’s largest “exclusive” show for the music, film and interactive communities to converge under one roof.  Or at least it has if that roof is Austin.  I applaud SXSW for expanding into other times and venues, like moving the educational part of the show (SXSWedu) to the three days prior to the main show’s opening – and moving the SXSWeco to another month altogether.   But it’s still not enough.  Brands need to contribute more (like the Twitter-fueled #ChevySXSW free car service for stranded partygoers) and expect less control.  I refer to the recent format of SXSW as part CES and part Burning Man.  With lots of BBQ.  And the 1886 bar at the Driskill is the Playa.


Finally, I also applaud the experimental move to Las Vegas for a summer show that’s tech only. Really, with 80,000 people attending SXSW Interactive (50,000 of them not even attending the conference portion), isn’t leaving Austin a mere 220,000 people for film and music in a downtown with 6,000 hotel rooms and 600 cabs a step in the right direction?   Las Vegas, where I live, is a much more appropriate city for the interactive part of the show to move – and to move it out of the spring, when there are so many major tradeshows jammed in before Easter, you’ve run through both your annual budget and your valium supply by the time your taxes are due. Let’s leave something for the rest of the year, starting with Vegas V2V in August – and perhaps an eventual full move of SXSWi to Vegas for Interactive in a week of guaranteed good weather (late September/early October).


Las Vegas has some 160,000 hotel rooms at the ready (more than all of Canada) and 1,000-cab-per-hour capacity of getting people out of the airport.  Sin City already handles 25 of the top100 tradeshows in the country – and the startup tech community locally is on fire, thanks to Tony Hsieh’s sale of Zappos to Amazon in 2009 and his subsequent commitment to pour $350 million back into the community, starting with a $50 million tech fund predicated on moving startups into Las Vegas.  Stir in the rapid growth of the gargantuan data center Switch and you’ve got the perfect setting for the show.  Oh, and it’s two hours closer to both Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach  – and the bars never close.


The first V2V is not designed quite yet to replace SXSWi.  It’s envisioned as a show for startups (who for the past five years have flocked to Austin by plane, train, bus, car and thumb to hand out QR codes to their app on the same street corners musicians are handing out their performance flyers).  But the writing should be on the wall.  Interactive needs to move, and Vegas is a much better choice than San Antonio.  It will also give brands two times a year to dive into the frenzy, but this time there will be a four to six month hiatus between music/film and tech/startup/media.  And there’s a lot more billboard space in Las Vegas, too.



Porn Star Soda (Citrus) Energy drink and Energy shots by Vimgo

Energy shots



Flavor wise this stuff is REALLY close to the Sex Soda Citrus.  It’s really just a mild lemon/lime soda that is neither overpowering nor bland…it’s actually just about right.  There is a hint of sweet and sour in it that is really well balanced without ever going overboard in one direction.  Think a mild lemonade, add a hint of lime and there you go.  I actually really enjoy this stuff which to be honest surprised me.  Typically when folks go with novelty bottling the product is usually lacking…not so here.  What you get is a pretty refreshing drink that you would probably be afraid to take home to mom.  Yes, as with all Porn Star Sodas you get your daily dosage of caffeine AND porn all in one little package.  My bottle contained a pic of Catalina “a self proclaimed super slut.  Weighing only 90 lbs. and standing 5’3” with a tight 34B-23-34 figure this little nymphomaniac really loves hardcore sex.  Catalina grew up in a California coastal town and got into porn early on.  She loves nasty sex and will do just about anything in her movies.”  See folks…not only do I report on the world of caffeine goodness, but I also educate you on people…bringing the world together for the betterment of mankind….one naked chick at a time.


Power wise, this stuff is fairly weak.  It’s got caffeine in it, but it’s probably about as much as any of your stronger caffeinated sodas out there.  Still, you’re probably getting this more for the naked chicks than the caffeine boost….it’s a win-win situation I suppose.


Spark Grape Energy drink


If you have read my previous review of Sparc Citrus you will understand why I was so slow at tearing into the next flavor in this product line.  While there is no doubting that this stuff works like mad, the flavor was not exactly up to par with the other energy drinks out there.  When it comes right down to it, that’s probably not such a big deal considering that this stuff is probably far better for you, and most of the folks drinking it are used to ingesting far worse.  Still, I found myself becoming a bit nervous as it drew closer to the point of no return.


First off, DO NOT SMELL THIS STUFF!  In powder form, or mixed form this stuff just ain’t right.  While the smell is fare worse before mixing with water, the smell afterwards is enough to really make me doubt whether or not the extra energy is really worth it.  As bad as it is however, it is still an improvement over the citrus Sparc.  Taste wise is much the same.  Grape is a bit more palatable than Citrus, but that by no means makes it good…..after smelling and drinking the citrus Sparc, a glass of BBQ’d pureed house cat would have been inviting….hell, I bet the crap in the bottom of my glass would have even had a similar consistency.  Grape is a bit more sweet, and a bit more fruity….I know it’s grape, but there is something different about it.  I think the best way to describe it would be to take grape juice, remove all the sugar, and then sweeten it with the foulest artificial sweetener you can findEnergy shots and maybe throw in a couple of crushed multivitamins for good measure (and I don’t mean Flintstones chewables either…oh no, definitely the nasty grown up ones.)


Power wise this stuff is right there with the Sparc Citrus…’s strong…really strong….strong enough that I can just about overlook the taste, smell, and crap floating at the bottom of my glass.  Definitely a good workout drink, or pre exercise drink…..I really wish I would have had some of this back in my soccer days.


Now I have not tried this yet, but I have heard that mixing it with grape juice really takes the edge off the flavor…and I’m willing to bet that is a pretty solid way to go.  Screw the water…you get to much of the drinks flavor that way….mix this stuff with a glass of grape juice and I’m willing to bet that it will be pretty damn solid overall.  I wish I had known about that before I knocked back that glass of citrus…..


Pretty soon I’ll be tearing into the last flavor I have to try in the Sparc line…Cherry.  Wish me luck.



You need very little Nicotine pouches to smoke electrically!

Nicotine pouches



1, What do I need to start electric smoking?

You need a basic device, a SLIM or PEN electronic cigarette, an e-cigar or an e-pipe.

In these basic devices (sets) you get everything you need (including depots which generate the non- harmful smoke).


2, What can I buy later? Depots can then be bought (one depot corresponds to approx. 15-20 conventional cigarettes), since a depot is empty or used up after a certain time and has to be replaced by a new depot or can be refilled with our refill liquids. Refilling with refill liquid (e-liquid) is the cheapest option to smoke electrically and there are over 60 different flavors.



You save up to 70% compared to conventional cigarettes.

You can find depots and refill liquids in our shop on the left under Depots or refill liquids.


3, What do I have to consider when it comes to electrical?

Actually very little, just make sure that the batteries are charged and that the depot is not empty.



Smoke healthier with the e-cigarette, e-cigar or e-pipe!

What at first sounds like an absurdity is in fact an innovation that will make both smokers and future non-smokers sit up and take notice. This is made possible by the electronic cigarette , or e-cigarette for short, or the electronic cigar , the e-cigar. This is currently revolutionizing smoking behavior in Europe and the western world. The e-cigarette, e-cigar or e-pipe is now setting new standards in the world of smokers and jumping over prohibitions. To explain this, smoking itself must first be defined so that one can understand the real meaning of e-smoking.


What is smoking

By definition, smoking means inhaling smoke produced by burning tobacco or tobacco-like substances. This leads to flames, smoldering processes and, above all, to the emission of tobacco smoke when exhaling. Due to the resulting pollutants, the smoker indirectly pollutes his immediate surroundings, which, so to speak, passively smoke. This is exactly where the effect of the e-cigarette or e-cigar begins. Because the e-smoker inhales smoke produced by evaporation, similar to water vapor. Therefore it is only water vapor that it emits. The electronic cigarette or electronic cigar perfectly simulates the actual smoking process without actually performing it.


What is electric smoking?

When smoking electronic cigarettes or electronic cigars, there is no combustion process, only a liquid, liquid containing nicotine and tobacco flavorings, is vaporized. Ergo there are far fewer harmful substances for the smoker himself and no harmful substances are emitted that could endanger third parties. Smoking an electronic cigarette or electronic cigar bypasses all smoking bans, because an e-cigarette or e-cigar does not smoke, but vapors. What he exhales is not smoke, but steam and, above all, it is not enriched with toxic substances.


How does an e-cigarette or e-cigar work?

The external shape of the e-cigarette or e-cigar is based on a normal cigarette or cigar. Inside, however, there is electronics based on a depot and atomizer, as well as a battery and an LED light. “Vaporized” is a solution called e-liquid that contains tobacco flavor and (or no) nicotine and which can also be refined with many fruity or spicy flavors. This liquid is evaporated, whereby no tar or other harmful by-products, which arise from the burning of a normal cigarette, are released.

Conventional smoking produces more than 4,000 substances that are inhaled by the smoker. These include around 78 substances such as tar, arsenic, benzapyrene, chrysene, cadmium, formaldehyde or hydrazine, which are considered dangerous pollutants and contribute significantly to the development of cancer in smokers. Smoking primarily promotes lung and larynx cancer, asthma, and other, sometimes serious, physical symptoms. These side effects do not apply to e-cigarettes or e-cigars. Smoking an e-cigarette or e-cigar is not only the more socially acceptable, but also the healthier alternative to conventional smoking.


Inside the e cigarette, the liquid is also called e-liquid , is fed into the atomizer chamber and atomized. During the inhalation process, the liquid is atomized into suspended particles and released as a vapor that simulates cigarette smoke. Similar to the artificial fog in a discotheque.


The depots consist of absorbent fleece and a small container with nicotine liquid. Depending on your individual needs, four different nicotine strengths are available in a wide variety of flavors. The nicotine, extracted from the tobacco plant through a biological process, does not contain any carcinogenic toxins.


The electronic cigarette works fully automatically with Nicotine pouches. A light on the e-cigarette holder lights up when you pull it, like a lit cigarette. If you do not smoke, the electronic circuit will also stop and the light will go out.


When you exhale, it does not release smoke, but rather steam, which bystanders will certainly appreciate.


Thanks to many years of development, the optimal use of the latest technologies and the barely noticeable changeover phase, you can smoke with the electronic cigarette with less pollutants without polluting the environment.


The extracted nicotine is enriched with natural tobacco flavorings in order to simulate the smoking pleasure with the conventional cigarette 1 to 1.


A nicotine capsule contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes of the same strength.


Marlboro red corresponds to the e-cigarette – Depots Strong

Marlboro Light corresponds to – Depots Medium

R1 Minimum – Depots Light


Nicotine is harmful to the heart, blood pressure, circulation and coronary arteries and can cause a heart attack. Electronic cigarettes are not suitable for children and adolescents, pregnant women, people with a nicotine allergy, non-smokers and people with cardiovascular diseases.


Electronic cigarettes are intended for smoking cessation. Electronic cigarettes including nicotine depots must be kept out of the reach of children and young people under the age of 18!




The Fact Concerning thop tv live Application

thop tv live


Transform on Applications from Unidentified Resources alternative and afterward once again return to the House Display. ThopTV is a feature-full android application, and it provides you a choice to mount it on your Smart TELEVISION along with FireStick. It is an Android application created to offer countless free-spending TELEVISION networks, motion pictures, serials, dramatization, and flicks. After that, I will inform you it is entirely cost-free. You do not need to pay any single one to utilize this application if you are stressed concerning its expense. If you seek to download and install the most current variation of the ThopTv application or apk documents after that, you are currently in the best area, Review this short article thoroughly, where I will inform you full setup procedure of it. Whatever motion picture you require to see, you can be certain it’s best for you on ThopTV. Formerly you can not stream flicks in this Shop TELEVISION Application, and now this attribute has been included in the recently upgraded variation of ThopTV, as a result of which you can currently enjoy any flick online on this application if you wish to download and install the most recent apk of Top TELEVISION Apk.

To delight in the thoptv apk, you need to download and install the most up-to-date Variation of the application. , if you are facing any issue with the most recent application, you should examine the needs to mount the application and meet the app needs. To comply with the listed below info’s which is all concerning this application. This application is completely protected, and also no technicality will be dangerous to you or your gadget. There is no factor for you to stress as you will quickly download this application from our site. 1 Impressive Functions of ThopTV APK App1.1 Just How to Contrast the Download And Install ThopTV APK Application with Various Other Applications thop tv live? New variation V45.2.2 has been launched, and also, the great information is that this variation of thoptv apk is outfitted with some brand-new functions and also dealt with some typical mistakes in the previous variation. We currently validate its all essential attributes and also residential properties. So appreciate its vital residential properties by complying with The offered downloading web link, which is 100% working and free.

To make sure that the mistake will never influence your tool, and also thoptv is 100% risk-free to utilize and set up. Also, it would help if you utilized the most up-to-date variation with a qualified android gadget to prevent such mistakes in the future. Exactly how To Install and download ThopTv APK On Android? We have gotten the demands to run the apk efficiently. We have taken care of those mistakes and also will attempt our ideal to meet the demands of our recognized individuals. Indian TELEVISION networks around the globe; This is the very best method to delight in films, sporting activities matches dramatization programs and also far more. ThopTv is the most effective choice of Hotstar, Jio, Netflix, and also several even more. How to present and download and install the ThopTV Application? Which is mosting likely to begin on 9th April 2021? It is an additional outstanding development from its programmers, where individuals can enjoy real-time cricket suits, dramatization serials, TELEVISION Reveals, Information, Cartoons, Movies, and so on. This application covered a significant variety of real-time TELEVISION networks where you can view your wanted programs or live streaming.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “2001″ – Part 3

By the time we got to the HAL chapter I was completely enthralled, watching the images on the big screen added one more quality I’d never found in previous viewings, as Stanley Kubrick directs a literal ballet of machines. The way every piece of equipment moves and the way every note of the score accompanies these moves, is akin to watching Fantasia; the images and the sounds in perfect unison reminding us why we go to the movies. Needless to say so, the grandeur and majesty of the special effects – which despite their age are more impressive than CGI – had a surreal quality as I half expected the spaceships and pods to burst out of the screen.

In the HAL sequences I also noticed the way in which Kubrick humorously suggests we are being brainwashed by the system. There are several moments where his camera is fixated on the red light that represents HAL and it’s as if it could see into the souls of the audience. We know it can’t, but at the same time it instills a very primal kind of fear in us. These sequences also added a new dimension brought on by silence. Kubrick accurately depicts outer space as a place of complete soundlessness, so the image of an astronaut cut loose from his ship and floating/sinking away into darkness was more terrifying because we couldn’t listen to his screams of despair.

There was also another moment that struck me as inventively wicked: the scene where HAL stops life support on the dormant astronauts and we see their life stats go from natural peaks and valleys to the fatal straight lines. Because we can’t look away from it, we’re confronted right and there with the idea that there might come a time when we’ll need to be saved from our very creations. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we should be scared of machines, but that we need to be conscious of even the art around us. In his whole movie as machine dichotomy, Kubrick is reminding us that we are being shown truth by a device that might turn its back against us. This is repeated once again during the last chapter where we see Keir Dullea’s character age in a matter of seconds. The fact that Kubrick represented this time advance within a room is an obvious nod to how we as an audience are also aging within the four walls of the theater we’re sitting in –

By the time the movie ended, I was completely blown away. The famous light-tunnel sequence almost gave me a seizure, the flight over the canyons of Jupiter was more exciting than anything in Avatar and the eventual birth of the star-child, once again accompanied by Strauss’s ode to Zarathustra, was truly rapturous. Within seconds it felt like a movie and a symphony. The lights went on and I was sent out into the world with a myriad of questions: are all movies meant to be seen on the big screen? If so, does that mean that I haven’t seen many movies because I’ve only seen them at home? Kubrick proved to me that cinema is the ultimate hybrid of spiritual/human connection, but now I also fear that I’ve been spoiled, because I’ve been once again reassured that truly great movies aren’t about story but about sensorial experience.

Tax Refund Policies in Turkey

Mersin Escort



You can receive a Tax Refund for the goods you purchased in Turkey. Refunds will be made to travellers who do not reside in Turkey. All goods (including food & drinks) are included in the refunds with the exclusion of services rendered. The minimum amount of purchase that qualifies for refund is 5.000 TL. Retailers that qualify for tax refunds must be “authorised for refund.” These retailers must display a permit received from their respective tax office. The retailer will make four copies of the receipt for your refund, three of which will be received by the purchaser. If photocopies of the receipt are received the retailer must sign & stamp the copies to validate them. If you prefer the refund to be made by check, a Tax-free Shopping Check for the amount to be refunded to the customer must be given along with the receipt. For the purchaser to benefit from this exemption he must leave the country within three months with the goods purchased showing them to Turkish customs officials along with the appropriate receipts &! or check.


Additional information: Ministry of Finance & Tax Dept. General Directorate, (Maliye Bakanligi, Gelirler Genel Mudurlugu) KDV Subesi 06100, Ulus – Ankara

Tel: (312) 3103880/725 – 728 – 735, Fax: (312) 311 45 10


Health Regulations for Pets

For those who wish to bring domestic animals into the country the following are required: Pets have to be 3 months & older. An International Certificate of Health issued within 15 days before the travel. The Identification Card, Vaccination Card. Note: If you have an official certificate, you may bring one cat, one bird, one dog & 10 aquarium fish into the country. To get information for the importation of pets, please see the Consular Services – Mersin Escort


Motorist Rules

General: Those who wish to enter the country with their vans, minibuses, automobiles, station wagons, bicycles, motorcycles, motorbikes, sidecars, buses, motor coaches, trailers, caravans or other transport vehicles, will have to provide the following documentations: Passport, International driving license, vehicle license (document where all details related to the car & the owner’s name are registered). If it is somebody else’s vehicle a power of attorney should be provided. International green card (Insurance card). The TR sign should be visible. Transit book “Carnet de passage” (for those who want to proceed to the Middle East).



Signs Of Spider Mites On The Weed Plants And Ways To Prevent Them!

How to eradicate cannabis spider mites organically


Many types of pests can ruin the plants and take away the goodness of the plants very easily. If we want to take care of our cannabis plant and want to get all the good qualities they provide, we have to look for the signs of spider mites and learn how to eradicate cannabis spider mites organically. We can only learn to prevent it if we know the signs, so here they are in the following points,

  • Little bit webbing: They have known spider mites for a reason, and it is because they also spin webs on the plant. These webs are generally under the leaves (standard spider behavior). So these webs might look like fine and sticky silk that we have to get rid of. Such a thing is not good for the weed plants and other plants around it.
  • Specks of bites: These mites not only suck the chlorophyll from the plant cells, but they also bite on the plants, and they are very tiny at first. After it has been a long time since the infestation, they start to look like bigger chomps on the leaves of the plant. These bites are also regular ones, and they can be white or yellow.
  • Dirty plants: If there is webbing on the plant, it will attract a lot of dirt. It is not good for the plant’s contents, and it will also make it look very much visible too. This happens when it has been a bit longer since the plant has acted as a host for the mites.

These are the main signs of the infestation of such pests on the plant, and it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. There sure are some things that we can do to prevent it. And here let’s know them too,

  1. If someone wants to prevent these pests, they have to keep these plants in a windy environment. With the help of such a thing, there will be a stop in the reproduction of these mites, and it will also help in getting rid of them.
  2. Another thing is regular checks of leaves too. The regular inspection of the leaves will help check if there is any pest on the leaves. This way, the process of eradication will be early and effortless too.

At last, making sure of such thing will keep the goodness of the plant intact and give it the quality that we need in the plants.…

Romantic Most-watched Films Vacations


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Guidelines On Detection Of Two Spotted Spider Mites In Flowering Plants 

Two spotted spider mites in flowering


The two-spotted variety of spider mites is harmful to the plants, especially those who bear flowers, damaging the beautiful flowers. Eliminating these mites from the plants is not easy, but you can only do it if you know that these species have infected the respective plant. Since these mites cannot be seen by the naked eye when alone, you can observe the colony.

So you might think, what is the way to detect the plant’s infection by this species?  Knowledge of the species is essential to provide the proper treatment to the plants. So if you wish to learn the detection of these harmful tiny pests, you must know the symptoms of the infection.

  • You cannot see these mites with the naked eye, but a magnifying glass always works, so detecting them is possible if you magnify that part of the plant at which the infection is expected. You can spot these on the underside of the leafy part of the plant.

If you observe a species with a pale color body with two spots on it in the dark, it is the Two spotted spider mites in the flowering plant. The leafy part of the flowering plant will start becoming yellow, and this is a disease known as chlorosis. The leaves are the most affected by this disease. The leaf becomes yellow when there is a deficiency of the pigment chlorophyll responsible for the green color.

  • The leaves may develop some spots of a different color as yellow or white, and these will indicate the infection. The severe results may be that the leaf can fall and die.
  • Another way to identify these Two spotted spider mites in flowering plants is to form webs that may appear white and cottony. You will find these webs on the underside of a leaf, so while investigating the plant for spider mite infection, do check the underside as the most affected in this part.
  • You can also tap the infection suspected part by tapping on that part and put a paper underneath it. By tapping, the mites will fall onto the paper’s surface and remember that sheet should be white on white-colored paper. You can easily see the mites.


The two-spotted spider mites species affect the plants greatly; therefore, the careful examination to detect these mites is crucial. If you find the infected plant, separate it from the rest to prevent the other from getting infected. Detection is the step before treatment; hence careful examination will help in proper treatment.