WagerWorks has the online casino Monopoly

Unique Casino

International Game Technology’s (IGT) group, an online casino games developer, has announced the release of 2 new games. The two games will have mega jackpots and be themed around Cluedo and Monopoly. The company said that its new Monopoly-themed mega jackpot game will feature a massive slot with a chance to win a million-dollar jackpot. This puts the group on par with other companies that offer mega jackpots in their games. The slot

is available in multi-denominations and multi-currencies, it is a 9 line and 5 real slot game with 2 major bonuses. There is the Pass-Go Bonus which rewards players for playing for cash on the Monopoly board and the second bonus is a Spin Bonus for the slot machines .

The London-based company, with its two new Mega Jackpot games, poses a threat to Mansion, which offers big rewards via casino bonuses . With up to 180 free spins on the slot.

New golf game for online casinos

A new online casino portal has announced that it will launch a new game in beta format. This casino game is said to appeal in particular to golf fans. UTur Golf is a fast paced skill game that allows players to switch from chips and poker to a cash game on the same platform. Players can play head to head or in tournaments. Everything is possible in free money or in real money mode. Of course this casino is a paysafecard casino .

The game will soon also be available with 3 golf courses, and this will raise it to a whole new level in which skill, strategy and nerves will be required. “Like real golf, you never play a game exactly the same way, that’s what makes this game so appealing. It is variable and constantly changing, like the weather and wind conditions. There has never been a skill game experience quite like this.” Haines went on to say that UTour Golf can be played by players of all skill levels, including those who normally only play roulette . In this game, players compete in a fair competitive environment.

English study finds no problems with online casinos

Despite weeks of speculation in the media, a study commissioned by the government has revealed that problems with online casinos in England have not worsened in the last 8 years.

These are the results of the UK Gambling Commission published yesterday. The media and public expected the study to find problems with online Unique Casino casinos, as it was the first of its kind since 1999. According to the study, 0.6% of the adult population in England have a gambling problem, but that number is far lower than the 1 million reported in the press. “The key message is that, overall, there has been a surprisingly small change in online casino gamblers and problem people since 1999,” said Peter Dean, chairman of the commission.

“We remain concerned that there are still more than 250,000 adults with gambling problems. The challenge for us and the industry is to take care of this during the new licensing regulations. Since September 1st, online gambling companies have had to demonstrate social responsibility and document it. The next study is planned for 2009.