Casino Review – Lasseters Casino

Slot Gacor

Review by Deb Hirsh

From the moment you open up Lasseter’s homepage, you’re in for a treat. This Australian casino is unlike any other online – from the layout of the site right down to the f.a.q.’s, this casino has been designed for ease and enjoyment!

One of the greatest features of the casino is that virtually anyone can afford to play here. The minimum bet on Blackjack for instance is .02 cents! The minimum per line on all slots is .01 (with one exception, the 1-line Classic slot at .50). Of course these are the minimum bets – the maximums are quite sizeable.

Depositing funds is a breeze – Lasseter’s accepts Visa and Mastercard, without the troubles many casinos seem to face currently. If you prefer, the casino will accept a personal cheque as well as a bank wire transfer.

To access the games at Lasseter’s, you won’t have to download the casino to your Slot Gacor hard drive as the site uses Flash software. Simply click on the game you’d like to play, and the first time the game is uploaded (for the new user), it will take less than a minute… anytime you wish to go back to that game, you won’t have to wait for the upload again! It’s quite impressive, the way this has been set up.

Once you’re ready to play, the fun truly begins. When you open the game menu page, you’ll be confronted with an assortment of table games and a truckload of slots!

Table Games
You’ll find Single-Zero Roulette, Blackjack, Sic-Bo, Joker Poker and Baccarat–each game operates with extreme ease. The Joker Poker and Blackjack both seem particularly generous to the player, and once again with such low minimum bets, you can play for days!

Without question, the slot games are the hallmark of Lasseter’s. With sixteen slots to choose from, this is a slot-lover’s dream come true! The slot selection includes five 1-line games, two 3-line games, two 5-line games (one of which is Lasseter’s Gold, which has a bonus feature screen) and seven 9-line games.

You can’t help but have a chuckle when you open some of these slots…

“Heroes and Villains,” is a 9-line slot which spins revolvers, cops and some very scary looking crooks!

“Fantasy Realm” (another 9-line slot), spins the “Fair Maiden,” along with some truly funny beasts!

Of the 9-line slots, the one that is sure to have you wondering about Aussie humor is “Entombed.” Yes, you read it right… “Entombed!” This 9-line slot has skulls, skeletons, bats and other ghoulish images spinning to award generous payoffs!

“4th of July” 3-line slot is a true salute to the U.S., with reels filled with George Washington, the Statue of Liberty and other patriotic images. This slot seems to be particularly generous.

“Lasseter’s Gold,” is a 5-line tribute to Aussie gold mining – get 3 miners and a bonus screen appears. Just pick a spot where the gold may be located and collect the credits! It’s impossible to NOT enjoy the slots at Lasseter’s!

Once you’re done winning heaps of money, cashing out is a snap…simply go to the withdrawal window, enter the amount, and a bank cheque will be on it’s way. Simple as that!

You’ll always find plenty of promotions at Lasseter’s – in fact they’ve developed a promo calendar, so you won’t miss a thing! There’s a generous new player match and Lasseter’s also offers two rewards programs for frequent depositors. These programs are offered by invitation only, but with all the excitement this site has to offer, you’ll be playing so frequently your invitation will soon be on its way!